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These are the winners of the OTTO Market Award 2023

Congratulations are in order: On September 26, we selected the winners of the OTTO Marketplace Award in the categories “Customer Favorite”, “Sustainability Star” and “Breakthrough of the Year” from over 6,000 marketplace partners. Read on to find out who took home the trophies and what contribution OTTO made to the winners’ business success.

posted by Roman Oncsak

What do an online bedding retailer, a manufacturer of sustainable wooden furniture and an e-commerce provider of high-quality school supplies have in common? Not only do they expand the diversity of the OTTO product range, but now they are also winners of the OTTO Market Award. In addition to the coveted trophies, the winners also received marketing donations worth 10,000 euros, for example to give their products even more visibility with advertising solutions from OTTO Advertising.

The awards ceremony took place as part of the Partner Connect Day. Every year, the event features all kinds of practical presentations and tips for OTTO partners to help them get even more out of their partnership with us. Our winners have already achieved this:

Winner in the “Customer favorite” category: MTOnlinehandel

MTOnlinehandel offers its customers high-quality bedding sets, blankets and bath towels. This makes the family-run online retailer an ideal fit for us, as home textiles are also among the most popular products at OTTO. The North Rhine-Westphalian company attaches great importance to high-quality products, competent support, fast order processing and a very high level of customer satisfaction.

And that pays off: Thanks to its high delivery punctuality, above-average positive product ratings and large order volume, MTOnlinehandel was able to win over customers as a “customer favorite”. Owners Matthias and Anna Terschüren explain why they work with OTTO: “Our customers are very demanding. And this is in line with the standards we set for our products. We attach great importance to design, a smooth process chain and an attractive price-performance ratio. And that’s what we found at OTTO. That’s why we are very happy to be on the platform.”

The winners of the OTTO Market Awards 2023 together with OTTO Division Manager Sales Kim Niedner (center): From left to right: Thorsten Greisinger and Andrea Pinzer from Familando, Corinna Chaumeney from Tikamoon and Matthias and Anna Terschüren from MTOnlinehandel

Winner in the “Sustainability Star” category: Tikamoon GmbH

Sustainability and fair business practices have always been part of what OTTO stands for. We are therefore particularly proud that our partners also share these values. One of them is Tikamoon GmbH with its range of sustainable wooden furniture.

The company became a “sustainability star” thanks to its data-driven approach to sustainability. True to the motto “Evidence instead of fine words”, this is based on transparent CO2 balancing as well as product life cycle analyses, among other things. The latter are certified according to six eco-criteria – including the use of solid wood and FSC wood, the avoidance of composite materials, high reparability and more.

And that’s why the company is such a good fit for us: “We can see that OTTO is very proactive and active in the area of sustainability. And we simply want it to stay that way. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future,” explains owner Corinna Chaumeney.

Partner Connect Day

Partner Connect Day – our event for all marketplace partners – took place for the fourth time on 26.09.2023. The four-hour livestream included presentations, discussions and useful how-tos about the partnership with OTTO. Around 4,000 viewers followed the program and actively participated with many questions and comments. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the OTTO Market Award.

Winner in the category “Fast starter of the year”: Familando

What defines a “high-flyer of the year”? In the case of this year’s winners Familando, it is the exponential growth of the platform business since the start of the partnership with OTTO. The owner-managed e-commerce company specializes in the sale of school bags and satchels, children’s backpacks, towels and cuddly blankets. Thanks to licensed brands, the colorful characters from Marvel, Disney and co. also adorn the supplier’s products.

Familando Managing Director Thorsten Greisinger knows how to become a high-flyer with OTTO. After deciding to sell on the platform, he wanted to get started right away.

However, his team around Andrea Pinzer repeatedly reminded him to be careful, despite his drive: “They said we’d do it properly,” recalls Greisinger. “Product maintenance, images, descriptions, rich content – it all has to be perfect. And only when my employees said that the customer had all the information did we put the articles online. And from April-May, the school bag business went through the roof.”

This shows that a well-curated range of information on the product pages is crucial to winning over customers. The experts at OTTO Market are also happy to help with maintaining the product data.

Perhaps you will be one of the winners next year?

Would you also like to see your company on the winners’ podium? As a partner, you will have the opportunity to qualify for the OTTO Market Award again next year. We will share further information with you in due course. The OTTO Market team is already keeping its fingers crossed.

Not yet a partner? Then you will find all the advantages here: Become a retailer on | OTTO Market –

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