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Full funnel campaign

How Brandson continuously improves its OTTO product ranking

More brand awareness, more traffic, more visibility. The firm “Ganz Einfach” uses OTTO Advertising to market its Brandson fans – and that’s the whole way down the marketing funnel. This helps Brandson to reach the top in e-commerce and increase its sales.  

from Annika Remberg

Brandson x OTTO Advertising

Mehr Reichweite für Brandson mit Digital Out of Home

It’s June, the sun is streaming through your skylight and your apartment is getting warmer and warmer – anyone selling fans is already onto a winner. Aren’t they? Well, not exactly. Because the higher the demand for a certain product range, the stronger the competition. In order to stand out from the mass of offers, Ganz Einfach has started a retail media campaign for its range of Brandson fans – one that runs all the way down the marketing funnel.

Digital Out Of Home based on P.N.T.A.- Technology
Offsite & Onsite
Sponsored Display Ads
Sponsored Product Ads

Because Retail Media can go Full Funnel. The campaign? A resounding success. The company managed to keep on increasing Brandson’s visibility, even after the end of the campaign. But let’s go back to the beginning.

Six aims, one campaign

Ganz Einfach has been selling its Brandson ranges on otto-de for five years. Since 2021, the company has not just been a supplier; it now appears as a seller on By taking this step to become a marketplace partner, Ganz Einfach has created a new sales channel and has also been able to reposition its range on OTTO. Its products must first carve out a good ranking position on the initial search result pages. And this is where OTTO Advertising comes into play:

In July 2022 Ganz Einfach starts a four-week marketing campaign together with OTTO Advertising, with the aim of continuously improving Brandson’s product ranking. The campaign runs all the way down the marketing funnel – from awareness and consideration to conversion, from digital billboard marketing on the underground to product advertising on

To achieve these aims, the business uses OTTO Advertising’s three core products: Digital Out of Home, controlled by P.N.T.A., a targeting technology; Sponsored Display Ads on and elsewhere; and Sponsored Product Ads.

In addition to the product ranking itself, the team defines five other objectives for the campaign: raising brand awareness; increasing traffic; improving visibility on; strengthening the performance of Sponsored Product Ads; and generating sales.

The results

By the end of the campaign, one thing is clear: having a campaign plan that goes all the way down the funnel works well.

“Full Funnel was a complete success for us,” says Markus Majerczyk, Head of Sales on OTTO Marketplace at Ganz Einfach. “We worked with the OTTO Advertising Team to set out clear objectives and associated benchmarks right from the start. Our analysis shows that we were actually able to beat the benchmarks for most of the objectives. For us, it’s a fantastic result.” What does that mean exactly?

Brandson Digital Out of Home

Brand awareness

In order to increase awareness of the Brandson brand, Ganz Einfach uses a Digital-Out-of-Home (DOoH) campaign, which is controlled using OTTO’s own P.N.T.A Targeting Technology. The special thing about it? P.N.T.A. uses anonymised data from OTTO customers, such as interests and buying behaviour, and combines it with environmental data, such as the weather or time, in order to direct campaigns even more specifically to the target group. By targeting the DOoH campaign, Ganz Einfach increases Brandson’s supported brand awareness among people who are exposed to its marketing by 64%. This came out of market research carried out by OTTO Advertising and Ganz Einfach during the ten-day DOoH campaign.

The survey also shows that, in addition to increased brand awareness, the use of P.N.T.A. Targeting for the DOoH campaign enabled Ganz Einfach to make gains in other areas too:

  • recognition of the Brandson brand was up by 15%
  • interest in the Brandson range was up by 20%
  • target group activation was up by 28%


Ganz Einfach uses Sponsored Display Ads (SDAs) to increase its traffic (i.e. the number of visits to the Brandson range/products). As a result, people who are exposed to these ads on OTTO search for the advertised items ten times more often than people who are not. As a whole, the fan range is visited 34 times more often by people who have been exposed to marketing than by people who are not.

Visibility on

As part of the campaign, Brandson products are also advertised on the website (i.e. directly on through Sponsored Display Ads. In this way, Ganz Einfach increases the visibility of its range and ensures that people who are exposed to its marketing look six times more often at Brandson items, i.e. actually click on the product detail page, than people who are not exposed to the marketing.

The SDA campaign also influences people’s shopping baskets and shows a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): people who see the marketing material put Brandson items in their shopping baskets three times more often, increasing the ROAS to 4.6 as a result of the SDA onsite campaign.

SPA Performance & Sales

The lower funnel is fertile ground for retail media. It goes without saying that Ganz Einfach keeps its sales goals in mind at every stage of its full funnel campaign. And that’s why OTTO Advertising uses Sponsored Product Ads (SPAs) as one of its main tactics for generating sales from the Brandson products that are marketed. During the July 2022 full funnel campaign, the ROAS of the SPA rises to 52.50 euros. Which means that for every euro spent on marketing, Ganz Einfach makes 52.50 euros in sales from Brandson products.

And the price per click goes down too. Despite tough competitive conditions (top floor flat in July!), the cost-per-click (CpC) two weeks after the campaign is still 16% below the average CpC before the campaign began.


By strategically implementing the three core products SPA, SDA and P.N.T.A., the Brandson range builds on its leading position in OTTO search results the whole way down the marketing funnel. Through the campaign, Brandson gains an average of eleven places relative to other fan suppliers and therefore ensures that its product range appears in the top quarter of all search result hits, on Page 1. The position of a provider in the search result list makes a decisive contribution to the visibility of its products, and therefore directly affects sales.

Ganz Einfach echoes that point: “By controlling our marketing in a targeted way in all funnel stages, we have achieved excellent results for all our objectives. Our bestseller, a tower fan, was number one in the search results list for the entire campaign period. It’s a great result. We have strengthened our brand, increased visibility, boosted sales, and were also able to build on our leading position on,” says Majerczyk. “As OTTO Advertising shows, retail media can go full funnel.”

Are you interested in learning more about this case study and the services that OTTO Advertising can offer? Or perhaps you’re planning your own campaign? If so, please get in touch with the OTTO Advertising Team ›

About the author Annika Remberg

Annika Remberg has been on board at OTTO since July 2018 and has been responsible for marketing communications since 2020. As Marketing Spokesperson, she accompanies OTTO CEO Marc Opelt, advises the company's advertising experts on communications, and talks to journalists about the latest developments at OTTO. Together with other colleagues from corporate communications, marketing and specialist departments, the Hamburg native is currently developing and expanding OTTO's B2B communications. Annika loves words, water and northern Germany.

Annika Remberg
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