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How Juskys Hit the Ground Running on our Marketplace

Our marketplace partner Juskys launched at OTTO last year and more than doubled its sales within a few months. What is behind this success and how was Juskys able to win the “Newcomer of the Year” award?

von Yasmin Yiu

Marktplatzpartner Juskys auf OTTO

From Zero to Hundred in Six Months

Upholstered beds, sun loungers, dog baskets – the retailer Juskys offers a wide range of products from home & living, garden, DIY, pet supplies, leisure and sports at OTTO. Behind Juskys is one of Germany’s largest online retailers with more than 150 employees at five locations and annual sales in the millions. In addition to its own online store, Juskys continues to rely on omnichannel sales and sells on several platforms such as OTTO, but also Amazon, Ebay and Kaufland. The owner-managed e-commerce company was founded in 2005 and started out in e-commerce with sales via Ebay.

Juskys has been live on and in the OTTO app since February 2022 and has been able to increase its performance strongly since the start of the collaboration. Garden furniture was particularly in demand in the spring and summer, while high-quality upholstered beds are a perennial favorite. Demand remained at a high level and sales via the marketplace increased continuously. In the second half of the year, for example, Juskys more than doubled its sales compared with the first six months.

Madlin Baars von Juskys auf dem Partner Connect Day 2022 von OTTO

Madlin Baars from Juskys at the Partner Connect Day in September 2022

How did Juskys become “Newcomer of the Year 2022?”

Last year, Juskys was awarded the “Newcomer of the Year” award due to its rapid growth within a very short period of time. Madlin Baars, Head of Sales at Juskys, says: “We are very proud of the development. At OTTO, we reach 11.5 million customers in one fell swoop. And our range of products at a fair price-performance ratio has been very well received.

In addition, Juskys is constantly developing its own range and bringing new products to the marketplace that are geared to the needs of the target group and the latest trends – such as SUPs, which have enjoyed great popularity since the Corona pandemic. But a great product range alone is no guarantee of success given the high level of competition in marketplaces. So what’s behind this success story? Juskys was able to secure the award primarily on the basis of two points: operational excellence and use of all opportunities to be visible and findable.

Operational Excellence

In the “OTTO Partner Connect” (OPC) portal, marketplace participants like Juskys can control their processes and optimize performance based on the available analyses. “The clear dashboard shows, among other things, when information needs to be updated or other action is required,” says Madlin Baars.

As a high-revenue partner, Juskys is additionally supported by key account management at OTTO Market. In a joint, regular exchange, Cristina Gaidies, Key Account Manager at OTTO, discusses not only the next strategic steps, but also the operational processes and all relevant performance KPIs.

“Our partner Juskys has adapted very well to the marketplace model and works highly professionally,” reports Cristina. “To ensure that the processes – from orders to invoicing to returns – run smoothly, it is important to adhere to the agreed service level, such as customer service response times or even technical requirements. And that’s what Juskys does in exemplary fashion.”

Advertising & Sichtbarkeit

In addition, Cristina Gaidies shows Juskys in bi-weekly development meetings where optimization potential can be realized. This can, for example, concern the visibility and findability of the product range. Here, Juskys makes use of OTTO’s various advertising options – both as a managed service, i.e. as part of active consulting and management by our experts from OTTO Advertising, who are in close contact with the marketplace’s key account management, and as a self-service. Here, Juskys achieves good results with a small budget and, above all, a lot of learning.

“For us, it’s valuable to try different options. Our contact person Cristina also regularly draws our attention to sales promotions such as Black Friday. The outcome: Black Friday was our best selling day last year,” reveals Madlin Baars.

But performance can be improved not only through advertising such as sponsored product or display ads, i.e. sponsored product ads onsite on OTTO and offsite on partner sites such as Handelsblatt, Immoscout24 and others.

Produktbild von

Product picture from upholstered bed “Nizza” created by the CGI Service from OTTO

Clean product data is the magic word! Only then can the article be displayed in the right context and on the right pages and thus become visible to interested parties. Another lever for more conversions in the buying process for Juskys is rich content, i.e. additional product-related images and texts on the article detail page. What’s the benefit? “With the content upgrade, potential buyers get a better impression of the product, similar to a buying guide, and are more inclined to make the purchase,” says Cristina Gaidies.

“We are very satisfied with OTTO’s additional advertising and content services. We recently tested the CGI service for our “Nizza” upholstered bed. The photo-realistic, high-quality images offer real added value for our customers,” says Madlin Baars.

Produktbild von Juskys Artsauna Espoo150

Product picture from Juskys’ Artsauna Espoo150 Premium

The Perfect Match

The Juskys success story is ultimately one of a strong product range coupled with operational excellence and a collaborative partnership. A win-win for both sides: OTTO offers Juskys a platform with over 11.5 million customers* and a high-quality product environment. Juskys in turn complements OTTO’s product selection with a great assortment. “We are very happy with our collaboration with OTTO,” says Madlin Baars. “Before we launched on OTTO a year ago, our omnichannel sales via our store and other marketplaces were not developing as dynamically as before. OTTO has given our growth a real push.” And the success story continues: Juskys wants to continue to expand its range on and in the OTTO app and attract more customers*. By the way: Juskys got big with a soft ice cream machine. Currently, however, the company is focusing more on warming up than cooling down, because the product focus is currently on high-quality saunas.

About the author Yasmin Yiu

Yasmin Yiu joined OTTO in May 2021 and is responsible for B2B marketing and communications. Previously, she spent two and a half years building up and being responsible for the marketing department of an e-commerce start-up in the Otto Group. As a B2B specialist with a focus on branding and strategy, she is currently pursuing her passion and further developing OTTO's B2B communications together with her colleagues. In her free time, the Hamburg native likes to go hiking, creatively let off steam on canvases, and is always on the lookout for a new favorite restaurant - preferably in her favorite district Winterhude.

Yasmin Yiu
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