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The art of a convincing product description. How to inspire your customers!

What exactly does a convincing product description actually look like? Anyone who has ever offered a product on the Internet will have asked themselves this question at some point. It is extremely important to take a closer look, especially in a commercial environment. After all, product descriptions often determine the success or failure of an online store.

posted by Nicola Theuerkauf

Why is the product description so important?

There are thousands of online stores and marketplaces on the internet that make shopping quick and easy with just one click. Products, product features, prices and much more can be compared and customers can choose exactly what is right for them. But what is missing is the haptics. Customers can’t touch the product. Can’t feel it. Can’t experience the material and colors in real life. This is where the product description comes into play. Online stores try to meet this challenge with product presentations that are as concrete and convincing as possible. With very good product texts in combination with meaningful images, an online store can also set itself apart from the competition. If a product description is convincing, it has numerous advantages: it creates trust in the product, sales figures increase, queries about the item, e.g. to customer service, are minimized and return rates fall. Customer satisfaction and customer ratings also develop positively, products are easier to find online and demand increases. Overall, product descriptions therefore play a significant role in the company’s profits and therefore its success.

And that’s how it works!

A perfect product description should be precise, informative and appealing. If wishes and desires are aroused in the target group that ultimately lead to a purchase decision, the product description is successful and has convinced. To achieve this, there are a few things to consider.

Search engines like SEO, but not copy & paste

Important! Do not copy descriptions from other stores or the product manufacturer. Search engines are smart and recognize copy & paste. This has a negative effect on search results for your website or product and relegates your articles to the bottom of the search results pages. When writing your description, always keep your potential target group and the search engines in mind. Use relevant keywords. An SEO-optimized description will catapult you to the top of the search engine rankings and help you gain significantly more traffic.

What must be included in the text?

Headline/product name

Start by clearly stating the product name and, if applicable, the brand. Make sure you use relevant keywords here too.

The description

  • Functions and features: Explain in detail what functions and features the product has and how it can be used.
  • Advantages and benefits: Emphasize the advantages of the product. Make the product a problem solver for your “customers”. Make it very clear to your target group which needs the product fulfills or which challenges it overcomes.
  • Technical data: Include relevant technical information such as size, weight, materials, colors and other specific details.

It’s all about the right words!

Do you want to convince your customers how unique and great your product is? Describe it that way too:

  • Write clearly.
  • Organize your text clearly, work with paragraphs or bullet points if necessary so that the text can be grasped quickly (max. 200-300 words).
  • Use easy-to-read wording, no long nested sentences.
  • Clearly emphasize the benefits and advantages of the article.
  • Describe the USP, i.e. the unique feature that sets your product apart from the competition.
  • Get emotional! Use strong verbs and adjectives to evoke emotions in your customers.
  • Use vivid comparisons, e.g: The product is light as a feather.
  • Tell a short story. Storytelling can evoke a familiar feeling in customers based on similar situations or stories they have already experienced.

The Accessibility Reinforcement Act from summer 2025

The Accessibility Improvement Act will come into force in mid-2025. Among other things, this will also affect product texts. This means that websites, mobile applications and electronic documents should also be easy to operate and use for people with disabilities.

For your product text, this means: check it again for foreign words, for example. To be on the safe side, run your texts through various reading programs and check whether everything is read out clearly and comprehensibly. If certain terms are relevant to the context, explain them in an additional dictionary if necessary.

Can artificial intelligence help?

Of course, the effort involved in creating the product description could be avoided by having the AI do it. That would be possible. But at this point, you should be aware that you are letting the AI decide the success or failure of your products. Nobody knows your products as well as you do. Your customers should feel this product expertise. Therefore, the clear recommendation: Write yourself and simply use the AI as an additional source of inspiration or support.

Benefit from the expertise of professionals 

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Nicola Theuerkauf joined the Corporate Communication department in March 2022. As a Communications Consultant, she initially worked on various projects in the B2B sector. In June 2023, she moved within the team and took on a new role as Editor & Research Specialist. She joined OTTO back in 2007 as Online Marketing Manager. She later gained experience in service communication, sales and B2B marketing. Nicola lives with her family in the west of Hamburg. She loves the Bay of Lübeck and spends as much time as she can with her SUP board on the Baltic Sea waves. Translated with (free version)

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