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More visibility at OTTO with Sponsored Product Ads

With the increasing number of partners and products on, it is becoming more and more challenging for retailers to stand out from the crowd. Sponsored Product Ads are designed to provide a remedy: OTTO’s marketplace partners can create campaigns for Sponsored Product Ads themselves and increase the visibility of selected products on and in the OTTO app with flexible planning.

by Francesco Di Bari

Sponsored Product Ads in der OTTO-App

What are Sponsored Product Ads?  

Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) are advertisements in which certain items are displayed in the best positions in the online store – they become more visible than other offers so that sales opportunities increase. Sponsored Product Ads are an important tool for attracting customers, as they can be targeted in search results, product lists, and recommendations on article detail pages using insights from the analysis of interests and personal searches.

Advantages from advertiser perspective

  1. Increase the visibility of the offer
  2. Increase sales of specific product (categories)
  3. Differentiate products from the competition
  4. Visibly promote new or seasonal product
  5. Secure top rankings over competitors

Campaign optimization in real time

Marketplace partners can independently create, control and optimize their campaigns in the OTTO Partner Connect (OPC) partner portal. With the help of SPA reports, partners also have the option of flexibly evaluating campaigns in the OPC portal on a daily basis. This allows them to adjust the visibility of individual products through sponsored product ads in real time. In addition, SPA-Reports automatically provide daily updated marketing metrics at the item level, such as clicks, impressions, conversions or sales – at any time of day. This allows budgets to be optimized based on insights.

Focus on the customers

Advertising with sponsored product ads is particularly effective because it appeals to customers with a high affinity for buying. They already know which products they want to buy and do not need to be convinced to buy them. Sponsored product ads are effective, for example, when potential buyers are looking for a product or are already looking at one. Customers can be convinced directly before adding a product to the shopping cart.

Sponsored Product Ads are a useful addition to the optimization of organic rankings for retailers. This not only increases the attention of consumers to these items as quickly as possible, but also boosts sales. Higher sales figures can have a positive effect on organic rankings, so retailers can benefit twice from sponsored product ads.

About the author Francesco Di Bari

Francesco has been a volunteer at OTTOCOMMS Corporate Communications since December 2021. In his role, he supports the team in everything that comes up, gaining insight into a wide variety of disciplines in communications work. Previously, he studied political and social sciences, where he intensively dealt with socio-political topics and the communication around them. As a trainee at OTTO, he is now learning the specialized craft of professional press relations. Francesco is up for any dance class, listens to podcasts at 1.5 times the normal speed and has a pronounced weakness for pizza fresh from the stone oven.

Francesco Di Bari
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