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This is how OTTO’s data can be used for your own business

Who does not know it? There are difficulties to analyze the competition correctly or to follow the development and performance in e-commerce? The reason for this is most likely the use of wrong or no tools! Because often the question arises, how can one’s own online business be optimized by an analysis tool? Everyone agrees on one thing: data is important for understanding what, where and how customers prefer to shop.

from Francesco Di Bari

OTTO Trendentify

Recognize keyword trends 

In order to make strategic decisions on product range design, detailed keyword research is essential. Which terms do customers use to search for products? With insights into the monthly search volume of OTTO Market, seasonal trends in consumer behavior are recognized and the most important keywords of a product category are identified.

Optimize own product data

Good pictures of the products showing the color, pattern and special features are very useful. Customers can see the product for themselves at first glance. Shots of your products should always be realistic to avoid returns and dissatisfied customers.

Increase product visibility

The listing of detailed information and a targeted shopping basket analysis help to determine structural correlations in purchasing behavior. In what period are products purchased and in what relation to others? A closer look at product performance provides information on this in order to identify product groups and increase the visibility of your own products.

Anyone who takes these three points into account will have a clear view of how to optimize their own online business. For the OTTO Market, Trendentify is therefore the analysis tool for making meaningful use of OTTO customers’ data. This is how OTTO’s data can be used for your own business!

Test Trendentify now

Marketplace partners can use the Trendentify Unlimited analytics service, including access to all exclusive analyses, in a free trial phase.

The service can be booked by all marketplace partners via OTTO Partner Connect (OPC). The service is activated automatically with the same OPC account data.

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Francesco Di Bari
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