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What is Full Funnel Marketing and what does it have to do with OTTO?

Turn prospects into customers through more reach, visibility and inspiration. That is the goal of almost all brands. But the stronger the competition, the more important it is to stand out in the market. This requires good strategies and the right partners with the right advertising solutions. OTTO Advertising offers such solutions for marketing along the entire marketing funnel.

by Emma Ostendorf

Schematische Darstellung einer Marketing Funnels von Awareness über Consideration bis Conversion

Funnel Marketing – The right measures in the right place at the right time

The choice of products is constantly increasing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make their products stand out from the mass of offers. So how can companies efficiently increase the visibility, interest and purchase of their products? The solution is called the full funnel. This funnel is often referred to as “sales funnel”, “conversion funnel” or “marketing funnel”. Basically, however, all terms mean the same thing. In the full funnel, all phases of the buying process of potential customers are taken into account from the company’s point of view and across several channels. In this article, we’ll take a look at what full funnel marketing exactly means, why it’s so important, and what innovative, data-driven OTTO advertising solutions are available for it.

Schematische Darstellung einer Marketing Funnels von Awareness über Consideration bis Conversion

The three phases of the Full Funnel

A full funnel strategy is usually divided into three phases – the upper funnel, the mid funnel and the lower funnel. The full funnel is like a multi-stage sieve. In each phase, interested parties fall away and ultimately only the real buyers remain. The individual phases are originally based on the AIDA principle (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action).

The upper funnel is the awareness phase, i.e. the phase in which the aim is to make a brand or product known and thus to attract the attention of potential customers. The mid funnel is the consideration phase (interest/desire). In this phase, attention is already drawn to the product range or a specific product group, but a comparison with competitors is usually still made. The measures in the mid funnel must therefore arouse interest and direct potential customers to the product page of specific articles.
The lower funnel describes the conversion phase (action). The aim here is to convert potential customers into actual buyers. All actions in this funnel are aimed at completing the purchase of a product.

Full Funnel with OTTO Advertising

OTTO Advertising offers better advertising solutions for targeted campaign management within the entire full funnel, reaching customers along the entire customer journey.

Sabine Jünger (Vice President OTTO Advertising) explains: “Retail media is more than the lower funnel. That’s why we offer products that enable advertisers to address their customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right message – along all funnel stages.”

Reach and brand awareness in the Upper Funnel

In the first stage of the full funnel, the upper funnel, the reach and brand awareness of products is increased. OTTO Advertising offers digital out-of-home campaigns (DOOH) for this purpose. These are based on the “Profile Environmental Targeting” technology developed by OTTO, or P.N.T.A. How does it work? P.N.T.A. uses anonymized customer data to target campaigns even more precisely and reduce wastage. This involves identifying the interests and purchasing behavior of customers, as well as environmental data such as weather and time of day. Based on this data, together with a dynamic site selection, the target group-specific targeting is carried out in real time at the right DOOH site. This enables the upper funnel to increase relevant brand and product contacts in public spaces.

Inspiration in the Mid Funnel

In the mid funnel, the second funnel stage, the focus is now on reaching new target groups and, above all, increasing the visibility of products. So how can the best placements be achieved on the home page, search results pages and item detail pages? OTTO Advertising uses Sponsored Display Ads (SDA) for this purpose. Such Sponsored Display Ads can be displayed both onsite directly at and offsite. In this way, customers are inspired by contact with advertising and visits to the product range and products are increased. By optimizing the targeting of products on the basis of customer journey data, the visibility of the product range can be easily expanded. SDA campaigns also have an impact on conversion.

High visiblity and Conversion in the Lower Funnel

In the third stage, the lower funnel, OTTO Advertising offers, among other things, Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) to increase the visibility and sales of products. Products booked with SPA can be placed in the top positions of search results, in product lists or in recommendations on item detail pages. The advertised products have more visibility and are thus found more often than comparable products and offers from competitors. In this way, more relevant customers are reached and the number of sales can be significantly increased.

Successful Full Funnel Marketing with OTTO Advertising

With DOOH based on P.N.T.A, SDA and SPA, OTTO Advertising offers advertising solutions across the funnel.
Would you like to get to know and use advertising solutions from OTTO Advertising even better? Or are you interested in further services of OTTO Advertising? Then feel free to contact the OTTO Advertising team for a personal consultation.

About the author Emma Ostendorf

Emma has been a volunteer in OTTOCOMMS Corporate Communications since May 2023. Here she gets insights into the different areas of corporate communications and supports in communications work. Before joining OTTO, she studied communications management and learned about the most important facets of communication and how to successfully communicate them. As a trainee, she is learning the cornerstones of B2B communications and the associated evaluation of data and content. In her free time, Emma is up for any hiking trip when she's not busy reading her favorite book for the fourth time.

Emma Ostendorf
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