Increase your conversion rate with rich content

Enhanced item descriptions with rich content can help to increase your conversion rate and the satisfaction of our and your customers on the OTTO marketplace. Test the content upgrade for your products in the beta phase free of charge.

Erweiterte Artikelbeschreibung mit Rich Content

Rich Content

Extended item descriptions on the OTTO Marketplace for a higher conversion rate

The new Rich Content offer gives you the opportunity to expand your item descriptions on the product detail pages of the OTTO Marketplace. In addition to the basic item description, Rich Content allows you to display additional images and text for your products and brand.

The Rich Content upgrade pays off for you:
+ up to 5% higher conversion rate
+ increased SEO visibility of your articles
+ faster product discovery
+ bounce rate usually decreases
+ articles are saved more often on the watch list and placed more often in the shopping basket

Check now if you are qualified for the free beta test phase. Contact the Rich Content Team and let our experts advise you.

Rich Content:
The new content upgrade for your products

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The rich content upgrade for the OTTO marketplace: add large header images, emotional headlines and up to five informative text/image modules to your product descriptions. The improved product advice will increase the satisfaction and willingness to buy of our and your customers.

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Free test phase

During the beta phase, owners of brand rights are eligible for rich content. They are among our first partners and share their experiences with us – the feedback flows into the further development and optimization of our new service. We look forward to working with them!

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