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5 Tips for our Marketplace Partners

About 11 million items are listed on our platform. Direction of travel? Upwards. We’ve put together five tips to help you as our partners make sure that your products are well displayed.

posted by Maike Jahn

OTTO Market

Gute Bilder der Produkte, bspw. von OTTO CGI Service

Good product information 

Good product information is crucial to success on, as it has a positive impact on search results and product ranking, i.e. on the findability of your products in the shop. It also makes a better impression on customers. By paying close attention to product details such as size, dimensions, description and material, you enable customers to answer possible questions about the product for themselves. Our analytics show that items with good product information get returned less frequently.

Good product images

Good photos of products that show the colour, pattern and any noteworthy properties are very useful. They allow customers to feel confident in the product from the very first glance. In order to avoid returns and dissatisfied customers, images showing your products should always be realistic.

There’s no need for an elaborate photo shoot – inexpensive photo boxes work well enough for many items. You can use the OTTO CGI Service to create high-quality photorealistic content in the form of images, 360° function videos or augmented reality content.

Good core services

Good core services to the customer, together with attractive pricing. Here, it’s important to follow through on services to customers, such as the delivery promise.

Visibility in the shop

Be visible in the shop via marketing services such Sponsored Product Ads your products get more attention on through marketing campaigns. Our experts in the OTTO Advertising team will be happy to assist you with any queries.

Good storage system

A good storage system means that we are notified directly when items are available. We don’t want to leave our customers in the dark, so we always give exact details of the delivery window and product availability. Finely tuned systems can help to cut out extra twists and turns in the process. This gives customers a better shopping experience.

Gutes Lagersystem

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