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Four tips for the optimal Christmas product

How can the perfect Christmas offer look in the store? What little tricks can retailers use to present their offer in a Christmas-appropriate way? Here are four simple tips.

from Linda Gondorf

Otto Xmas Adventskranz

The Christmas spirit slowly sets in. There’s the smell of mulled wine, decorations are being put up in shop windows, and there’s glitter everywhere. And in your onlineshop? How can you create optimal opportunity for their Christmas offer here?

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Tip 1: Discounts, discounts, discounts 

A goodie for your customers. Especially during the Christmas season, discount promotions help immensely. It’s the little touches like a discount code that make all the difference. 
With promotion badges on the product detail page and in the shopping cart, customers can see what they save on the item. Many sites, including, activate the discount directly on the item or activate the discount automatically in the shopping cart. At, booking a discount campaign is free of charge. There are no service fees. Only the discount costs are incurred by you, as part of the campaign.   

Tip 2: Delivery problems? Create transparency 

In the weeks leading up to Christmas in particular, there are a lot of delivery problems. What to do about it? Be honest. Show your customers when the product will be available. Also important: Will the product arrive in time for the holiday or will your customers have to switch to alternative goods? So be sure to include a visible indication of when the order can be placed, so that the product is still in time for Christmas. 

Tip 3: Christmas product images  

The look of your products is important. If the presentation of the products is right, this can trigger a buying impulse. Adapt your product photos to the season and exchange photos once on occasion. The aim should be that customers have a great shopping experience and associate it with the best time of the year. To-do: Be creative, place your products attractively. 

Tip 4: Adjust assortments

… if still possible. Because: preparation is everything. It is not always possible to update assortments in stores at short notice. But when it comes to assortments, you can prepare for different seasonal events. At Christmas, customers buy different items, than they do in the spring for example. Once you have analyzed this, change the merchandise and check which products your customers like to buy in a certain time of year. Demand drives the business. Adapt your assortment perfectly for the Christmas season. 

Seasonal offers can be sales-boosting and make your store look individual. Customers are happy when they are inspired by product images, a selected assortment and a discount code on the item. 

About the author Linda Gondorf

Linda Gondorf has been with OTTO since January 2019 and has been the Head of OTTO Corporate Communications #OTTOCOMMS since 2020. Together with her colleagues, she heads the project group "Gender-sensitive language". Previously, she was a senior editor in the media and communications department at the trade magazine absatzwirtschaft, a publication of the Handelsblatt Media Group, and worked for a time as a freelance editor at Stern Online. Linda lives with her husband and dog in leafy Hamburg-Ohlsdorf, values clear language, loves order, and has lost her heart to Hamburg and Franzbrötchen.

Linda Gondorf
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